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According to the study As for the counties of humidity The vocation of the lands of the Putumayo is however predominant forestall, some reas has possibilities of agricultural exploitation maintaining the vegetable covering. The reas of agricultural vocation has an extension of How racial barriers play in the experiences of Mexican Americans has been hotly debated.

Some consider Mexican Americans similar to European Americans of a century ago that arrived in the United States with modest backgrounds but were eventually able to participate fully in society. In contrast, others argue that Mexican Americans have been racialized throughout U. The evidence of persistent educational disadvantages across generations and frequent reports of discrimination and stereotyping support the racialization argument.

In this paper, we explore the ways in which race plays a role in the lives of Mexican Americans by examining how education, racial characteristics, social interactions, relate to racial outcomes. We use the Mexican American Study Project, a unique data set based on a survey of Mexican Americans in Los Angeles and San Antonio combined with surveys of the same respondents and their adult children in , thereby creating a longitudinal and intergenerational data set. First, we found that darker Mexican Americans, therefore appearing more stereotypically Mexican, report more experiences of discrimination.

Second, darker men report much more discrimination than lighter men and than women overall. Third, more educated Mexican Americans experience more stereotyping and discrimination than their less-educated counterparts, which is partly due to their greater contact with Whites.

Lastly, having greater contact with Whites leads to experiencing more stereotyping and discrimination. Our results are indicative of the ways in which Mexican Americans are racialized in the United States. Multiculturalism and Racialization in Latin America and the Caribbean. Los mi tos de la armonía racial tiend na prevalecer donde dichos procesos no han tenido lugar. Hasta que el de smantelamiento de tales mi tos fundacionales de la armonía racial no se logre , el multiculturalismo, es decir, el reconocimiento de la igualdad de las diferentes culturas bajo un mismo territorio nacional , sigue siendo un objetivo inalcanzable.

Racial Differences in Job Satisfaction. Espansione del Cinghiale Sus scrofa e danni alle coltivazioni in un' area delle Prealpi occidentali. Full Text Available Abstract Wild boar Sus scrofa spreading and crop damage in an area of western Prealps We analysed the agricultural damage reports from to to evidence the wild boar distribution in Biella province and the pattern of land occupancy. These reports were yearly divided and mapped for the single municipalities to obtain a picture of the range variations in the time. From the same reports we calculated three indexes of the importance of the Wild boar damages: the damaged surface for each municipality, its percentage value on the surface of each municipality and the occurrence of damages for each municipality.

During the study period, we observed a dramatic increase of the number of municipalities affected by wild boar damages and of the species range. The yearly damaged surface grew over 25 times too. The Multiple Regression Analysis of the damages occurrence vs. The trend analysis, carried out by the seasonal regression, using the surface and the occurrence of damages, evidenced a marked seasonality of the damages and a stability trend, after an initial positive trend.

Riassunto Per evidenziare la distribuzione del Cinghiale in provincia di Biella e le modalità d'occupazione del territorio nel corso degli anni, sono state utilizzate le denunce dei danni pervenute all Amministrazione provinciale dal al Queste sono state ripartite per comune e mappate anno per anno per fornire una rappresentazione delle variazioni di areale nel corso del tempo. Dalle stesse denunce di danni e per lo stesso arco di tempo sono stati calcolati tre indici.

Furthermore, research in the area has tended to treat race, socioeconomic class, and gender separately,…. The present paper examines the relationship between public school teacher salaries and the racial concentration and segregation of students in the district. A particularly rich set of control variables is included to better measure the effect of racial characteristics. Additional analyses included Metropolitan Statistical Area fixed effects and….

Destabilizing the American Racial Order. Are racial disparities in the United States just as deep-rooted as they were before the presidential election, largely eliminated, or persistent but on the decline? One can easily find all of these pronouncements; rather than trying to adjudicate among them, this essay seeks to identify what is changing in the American racial order, what persists or is becoming even more entrenched, and what is likely to affect the balance between change and continuity. The authors focus on young America Racial Profiling and Criminal Justice.

According to the main argument in favour of the practice of racial profiling as a low enforcement tactic, the use of race as a targeting factor helps the police to apprehend more criminals. In the following, this argument is challenged. It is argued that, given the assumption that criminals Fattori influenzanti la distribuzione del Daino Dama dama in un' area dell'Appennino settentrionale. Per valutare l'effetto delle caratteristiche vegetazionali sulla distribuzione sono state effettuate analisi ambientali delle Unità di Campionamento mediante software GIS ed archivi cartografici digitalizzati.

I risultati delle analisi ambientali sono stati posti in relazione alla presenza-assenza della specie mediante Analisi di Funzione Discriminante e Analisi di Regressione Logistica. Entrambe le analisi hanno messo in luce l'effetto positivo sulla presenza del Daino dello sviluppo dei margini tra bosco e spazi aperti coltivati.

The current study examined perceptions of racial discrimination and racial socialization on racial identity development among African American adolescents over three years. Latent class analyses were used to estimate identity statuses Diffuse, Foreclosed, Moratorium and Achieved. The probabilities of transitioning from one stage to another were examined with latent transition analyses to determine the likelihood of youth progressing, regressing or remaining constant. Racial socialization and perceptions of racial discrimination were examined as covariates to assess the association with changes in racial identity status.

The results indicated that perceptions of racial discrimination were not linked to any changes in racial identity. Youth who reported higher levels of racial socialization were less likely to be in Diffuse or Foreclosed compared to the Achieved group. Americans misperceive racial economic equality. The present research documents the widespread misperception of race-based economic equality in the United States.

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Whereas high-income White respondents tended to overestimate racial economic equality in the past, Black respondents, on average, underestimated the degree of past racial economic equality. Two follow-up experiments further revealed that making societal racial discrimination salient increased the accuracy of Whites' estimates of Black-White economic equality, whereas encouraging Whites to anchor their estimates on their own circumstances increased their tendency to overestimate current racial economic equality.

Overall, these findings suggest a profound misperception of and unfounded optimism regarding societal race-based economic equality-a misperception that is likely to have any number of important policy implications. Agro ecological zonification of the Tolima Area ; Zonificacion agroecologica del Tolima. The Agro ecological zonification of the Tolima Department defines and quantifies reas, according to environmental factors as climate, geomorphology, material parental and soil. In this work it is presented the astronomical localization, the geographical location and the detailed description of each one of the reas that conform the department.

This zonification allowed through the delimitation of the different earth classes and of the quantification of the same ones, to extract fundamental information for the knowledge of the geography of the department and for the planning of the agricultural and forest production in rational form.

In the event of making possible the agriculture supplementary watering is required. The mainly agricultural reas have an extension of The lands of cattle vocation have a rea The forest areas have a covering of 1. Agro ecological zonification of the Huila Area ; Zonificacion agroecologica del Huila.

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The Agro ecological zonification of the Huila department, defines and it quantifies reas according to environmental factors as climate, geomorphology, material parental and soil. In this work it is presented the astronomical localization, the geographical location and the detailed description of each one of the agro ecological reas that conforms the department. This zonification allowed through the delimitation of the different earth classes and of the quantification of the same ones, to extract fundamental information for the knowledge of the geography of the department and for the planning of the agricultural and forest production in national form.

The mainly agricultural reas has an extension of Bacteriological and mycological surveys along Otranto coastal areas ; La situazione igienica del litorale salentino. Montagna, M. Direzione Sanitaria. Bacteriological and mycological surveys were carried out on water samples collected from 6 seaside resorts and 2 affluent along Otranto coastal areas. The following parameters were tested: total coliforms, fecal coliforms, fecal streptococci, Salmonella, P.

Results show fecal pollution in three seaside resorts and in one drain, whereas Salmonella research always resulted negative. Sono stati esaminati i seguenti parametri: coliformi totali, coliformi fecali, streptococchi fecali, salmonelle, P. Dall'indagine e' emerso che indici di contaminazione fecale sono stati evidenziati in tre stazioni balneari e in un affluente mentre la ricerca delle salmonelle e' risultata sempre negativa.

Per quanto riguarda la ricerca dei vibrioni, V. The limits of racial prejudice. The racial segregation of romantic networks has been documented by social scientists for generations.

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However, because of limitations in available data, we still have a surprisingly basic idea of the extent to which this pattern is generated by actual interpersonal prejudice as opposed to structural constraints on meeting opportunities, how severe this prejudice is, and the circumstances under which it can be reduced. I analyzed a network of messages sent and received among , users of a popular online dating site over a 2.

As in face-to-face interaction, online exchanges are structured heavily by race. Even when controlling for regional differences in meeting opportunities, site users—especially minority site users—disproportionately message other users from the same racial background. However, this high degree of self-segregation peaks at the first stage of contact. First, users from all racial backgrounds are equally likely or more likely to cross a racial boundary when reciprocating than when initiating romantic interest.

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Second, users who receive a cross-race message initiate more new interracial exchanges in the future than they would have otherwise. This effect varies by gender, racial background, and site experience; is specific to the racial background of the original sender; requires that the recipient replied to the original message; and diminishes after a week.

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In contrast to prior research on relationship outcomes, these findings shed light on the complex interactional dynamics that—under certain circumstances—may amplify the effects of racial boundary crossing and foster greater interracial mixing. Soil carabids and ants in two farming areas of yellow passion fruit passiflora edulis at Valle del Cauca, Colombia. The fauna of beetles Coleoptera: Carabidae and ants that survive in the soil of a passion fruit crop under conventional management in Roldanillo-Valle del Cauca was examined, in March and May rainy season and in June and July dry season , We carried out four samplings of monthly intensity in two plots with plants of different ages, and registered the species found.

We found individuals of Carabidae, distributed into ten species and ants, distributed in 19 morphospecies. The most abundant species of ants was Solenopsis geminata, while Megacephala Tetracha sobrina was the most abundant species of Carabidae.

It was also found that the abundance and richness of carabid beetles tend to be higher in the rainy season, while some ant species showed a preference for specific seasonal periods.

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